<![CDATA[Maria Rosa Mystica - Rosa Mystica Meditations]]>Mon, 20 Nov 2017 19:01:58 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Month of the Most Holy Rosary]]>Sat, 01 Oct 2016 23:10:12 GMThttp://rosamystica13.com/rosa-mystica-meditations/month-of-the-holy-rosaryThe ROSARY means crown (or garland) of ROSES. Pope Pius 5th established the 15 Mysteries in the 16th c.  St. John Paul II added the Luminous Mysteries & many other popes too have promoted the Rosary in veneration of the BVM in our Roman Catholic Church. The Mariological theme of "to Christ via Maria" was taught by St. Louis de Montfort. Pope Pius 5th instituted the Feast of Our Lady of Victory on Oct. 7th, later changed to Our Lady of the Rosary. The 'Rosary Pope' Leo the 13th [Mystically Rosey #] wrote in encyclicals & 5 apostolic letters on the Rosary, & he added 'Queen of the Most Holy Rosary' to the Litany of Loreto.  The Congregation for Divine Worship emphasized that the Rosary is essentially a contemplative prayer, "encouraging the faithful to meditate on the mysteries of Our Lord's Life;" yet too via Maria's life.  St. JPII expressed, "The Rosary is among the finest & most praiseworthy of Christian contemplation." Saints & popes have emphasized that the Rosary should be prayed with "purity of intention." St. Padre Pio [Francesco Forgione - patron saint of Pope Francis] a Rosary Great said, "by meditation via the Rosary one find's GOD."
There have been many Marian Apparitions per the Rosary & to spread It all the more.  Pope Leo XIII advised adding St. Joseph to Rosary prayers [as I have especially in my Joyful Mysteries -- the only 5 that have St. Joseph so greatly in them]. St. Dominic beheld Our Lady of the Rosary in 1214, & in the 15th c. Blessed Alan de la Roche received the 15 Promises of the Rosary. These Promises range from protection from misfortune to a high degree of glory in Heaven.  St. Louis Marie de Montfort stressed how the power of the Rosary is via prayer with attention, devotion, & contemplation via meditation.  A Carthusian monk (Dominic of Prussia) added Bible quotes to the Rosary for the 'Scriptural Rosary.' The Dominican Pope Pius V officially established devotion to the Rosary in the Catholic Church.  In the 20th c. 'the Fatima Prayer' was added to the end of each decade.  Pope Leo 13th (1878-1903) had the most encyclicals ever on the Rosary (12) & 5 Apostolic Letters for it, too; especially, too, for it to be prayed DAILY in October; he also added 'Queen of the Most Holy Rosary' to the Marian Litany of Loreto: too, that the Rosary is as a road to God via the Mother & Son to Our Father; and that it's a vital means via Mary's life to find the way to Christ.
Some add to the Rosary the Miraculous Medal Prayer [as in my Emmanuel Chaplet]. The beads can be made also by dried up roses or even semi-precious stones -- of olive seeds from the Mt. of Olives.  The Rosary is also recommended to be worn for Divine Favors.  There's even a Rosary of the Holy Wounds per Ven. Marie Martha Chambon... Bl. Isidore Bakanja was martyred with the Rosary & the Brown Scapular.  There also are many Churches named after the Holy Rosary in Poland, Hong Kong, Argentina, France, Canada, Brazil & with Basilicas of such in Lourdes, Fatima, etc. From St. Claude Colombiere, S.J. whom JESUS called "My faithful servant & perfect friend: "Why do so many prayers remain unanswered? Can it be that as most people are never satisfied, they make such excessive and impatient demands on GOD that they tire & annoy Him by their importunity? The case is just the opposite. The only reason why we obtain so little from GOD is because we ask for so little & we aren't insistent enough."    
More from Ven. Mary of Agreda's Mystical City of God... "It was befitting that the Lord, after accomplishing the Redemption of man, should Ascend to the Father, and that Mary in the Church should remain to bring forth to light the fruit of the Passion & Death of Her Godman Son, Emmanuel: with His Passion & All-Scarletty Blood got for Her Son the field so to plant the vines of the Church: to be transplanted to the New & Eternal Jerusalem [my 4th Unitive Mystery] as the Church Triumphant forever [there are many saints with the syllable 'win' within their names, too].  There were frequent visits of Her Son to Her His Mom by being raised to His Heavenly Throne. Mary yearly celebrated His Ascension: a great yearly festival for Her & for all, which She yearly loved the 40 days after His so loved Resurrection. Jesus descended after His Ascension to Mary's oratory with innumerable angels, Patriarchs & Saints He had taken up with Him to Heaven. Jesus commanded the angels to raise Mary from the dust & place Her at His Right Hand. Mary expressed to Him there, "I desire both glory & exultation to Your All-Holy Name JESUS." A whole celestial procession, as on the day of the Ascension traversed in the air; and Mary ever with Her Son reached the empyrean heavens[....] Mary sang an admirable song of praise with mysteries honored of the Incarnation & Redemption & as Our Lady of Victories per Her Son JESUS up there with ABBA Father [....] At the command of the Most High, holy angels placed Her at Jesus's Right Hand & She beheld GOD in perfect glory. In this Beatific Vision [my 5th Unitive Mystery & 35th of my daily rosary mystery decades] Queen Mary received from Jesus what He predestined for Her [....] Our greatest Queen & Empress Mary piously glorified God's name for the Church & especially too for the conversion of the whole world.... Angels brought Mary to Her oratory in the Cenacle with celestial music & She so humbly prostrated Herself in thanks to God for such: the great Evangelist John beheld Mary so refulgent with celestial light; and She rejoiced so much over Her Son's Ascension to celebrate more the 3rd Glorious Mystery.  The Holy Spirit descended yearly upon Mary & entirely inflamed & renewed Her with superabundant gifts & more that She ever had had; She humbly gave thanks for all the favors of the H.S. in that mystery upon Her & the Apostles for them to worthily build up & bless all the more our Church and per His gifts, especially of Holy Wisdom via Maria, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom [....] Mary had songs of glory & praise with the secrets & mysteries of the angels also in honor of the great miracles of the Lord.  The angels sang to the Almighty for having created & chosen Mary as the all-worthy Mother of GOD & Restoratrix of the human race - as the New & Perfect Eve forever & ever with JESUS the New & Perfect Adam forever & ever: too, the angels & saints participated in the glory given to Our Lady & Queen: those who died after Jesus rose from the dead came from Heaven to celebrate with Mary Her Son's Eternal Glory.  She composed new canticles of thanksgiving for His & the glory of the saints per His Resurrection; & She extolled Our Lord & Father of mercies with thanksgiving for all that God did & does for the holy ones: our Great Queen certainly shared of God's omnipotence; too, as She is seated at the Right Hand of Our only Godman above all the angels & saints of Heaven. [To my 1st Prophetic Rosary Mystery of Genesis 3:15 --] Mary shared, "Enkindle in thy heart the most ardent fervor possible to repel & crush the poisonous serpent [God's enemy]." 
   The Most Holy Trinity sent Archangel Gabriel & many other angels to announce to   the  Queen Mary when & how Her mortal life would end and pass into eternal life.  Our Lady was prostrate  on the ground in the form of a cross in Her oratory in Jerusalem per the Cenacle, asking mercy for sinners. Gabriel saluted Her with the Ave Maria and said, "Our Empress & Lady, GOD sends us from His Heavenly Court to announce to Thee the most happy end of Your Pilgrimage on earth.  Thou shalt pass from death to eternal and immortal life, which awaits Thee in glory & at the Right Hand of JESUS, Your GODMan Son & our GOD. You shall be taken up [c. 70 years of age] into the everlasting joy of The Lord.  Mary heard this message with ineffable jubilee & She answered, "Behold the handmaid of The Lord; be it done according to thy word." Remaining prostrate, Mary uttered amid tears of humble joy, "I may be raised to the Beatific Vision of My Maker [my 5th Unitive Rosary Mystery." Mary became so inflamed with the fires of Divine Love.  Our Great Queen hastened on in Her heroic efforts by loving desires of the eternal light unto everlasting joys of The Lord.  She wrote to the Apostles & disciples to encourage them in their labors for the conversion/reversion of the world [Divine Mercy JESUS related].  She regarded the Apostle John as Her son, who attended upon Her & helped Her, too; & She informed him of the message regarding Her death [....] Mary told him, "I belong body & soul to my God & Lord.  In His condescending Mercy He has revealed to me that only 3 more years remain for Me here on earth until I pass on & up to eternal life. I beseech thee from the bottom of my Heart to pray for me." Altho the loving Queen encouraged & consoled St. John, his heart yet was as pierced as by a dart of pain & sorrow: it struck him down & caused him to wither like the flowers in their bloom [Mystically Rosey]. Per Her loving promises, Mary came to his relief, assuring him that She'd be his loving Mom & Advocatrix with JESUS. St. John informed St. James the Lesser, Bishop of Jerusalem, who assisted St. John in serving Mary as Empress of the world. Thereafter, mindful of what was coming, they were yet pleadful to Mary & during Her last 3 years, GOD permitted a way to have nature go into mourning & sorrow per Her upcoming death since She beautified & perfected all creation.
The Queen of Heaven went to visit the holy places of the Redemption & arrived on Mt. Calvary: the Apostles & disciples were present went She happily died: at Her death St. John sorrowfully shed many tears; then he shared with the many there on the [4th Glorious Mystery] Happy Transition of their/our Mother & Lady[....] It was a Great Mercy and Providence of the Lord, that many faithful of the primitive Church were thus forewarned of the death of Our Queen of queens [....] All the sick that presented themselves before Her She healed in body & soul; She converted many to the evangelical truth & wished to throw open all Her riches of liberal mercy before Her death [....] Our Great Queen was always a holy pilgrimress of the Church, and when departing for Heaven She was assured of Her Happy ending here on earth; the flame of Her All-Pure Love pressed upward to Our Triune God.  Her Godlike Soul received everlasting Life per Divine Love.  Mary said: "Life can't live without Love" -- Mystical Rose motto of 'Live Love' -- from O.T. Canticles 2:5 "Amid such aromatic flowers the swoonings of my impatient love shall find recovery." Angels shared, "Our Queen & Lady, as You know JESUS contains within Himself all the perfections, and amiably without defect, pleasing without the least flaw: His greatness is immeasurable, all His perfections are infinite, His counsels inscrutable, His justice all equitable, His works all holy & rich in mercies [...] those who love & extol Him are blessed, & He glorifies them by His eternal vision [my Beatific Vision decade].  Jesus often visited Mary with wonderful favors: that He'd bear Her up to His Right Hand, where She'd be placed on Her royal throne per Our Triune God, and thus the source of new joy to the saints desiring to behold Her forever.  Our Loving Mother multiplied Her petitions & all-pious prayers for Mother Church, and for the preaching of Divine Word JESUS for the conversion/reversion of all in the world that need to.  Among the wonders JESUS wrought: the BVM received Holy Communion & so holily shone, seemingly transfigured thereby per the Whole Christ Who also showed Himself to Her in His All-Glorious Being.  Mary resolved to take leave of the holy places before Her Assumption; & with the consent of St. John She left the house with him & with thousands of angels [...] & She visited all the memorable places of our Redeemer & with tears recalling sorrowful memories of Her Son's Passion, fervently renewing them with great acts of love, clamors & petitions for all the faithful who should revere those Holy Lands when they can.  JESUS said, "In Heaven, you Mary shall obtain all your intercessions as Mediatrix & Advocatrix to fill others with My Treasures & Infinite Mercies." Mary asked angels & St. John for blessings unto Her Dormition, & the Lord assured Her of Her petitions at the throne of His Divine Mercy. She turned to the mystical body of the Church and cried out, "Holy Catholic Church in thee have I lived as a pilgrim to the Fatherland. In you are the treasures & riches of JESUS'S infinite merits.  My beloved Church in eternal life I will find you joyful & shall behold you with Motherly Love & will always pray for your holy gains." Thereafter, Mary parted from the mystical body of the holy Roman Catholic Church, mother of the faithful & our Mother of Wisdom gave Her most prudent will to Our Lord.  Our Triune GOD went to Her oratory & then Queen Mary heard GOD say, 'We shall confirm your will & grant it entirely by our infinite power.' ABBA told Her, "My Daughter, you'll be pleasing & acceptable to Me, for you lack not the merits of good works in passing up to Me; thus I'll satisfy Your holy desires." Our other Triune Persons encouraged Her thus as well. Mary replied, "Highest Lord & Eternal GOD I adore Thee with all my inmost soul; & I thank the heavens and all creatures thereof also on earth. My garb do I leave to St. John for his disposal, since I hold him as a holy son.  O My GOD, I'll love & magnify Thee via all eternity, as I desire the fulfillment of Thy Holy Will on earth as in Heaven so that all come to the knowledge & love of Thee our Triune GOD." When the Great Queen had made Her testament, She thanked Almighty GOD & asked, "All Clement Lord & Father of Divine Mercies, my soul desires at its departure to be present together with the Apostles & disciples." Of course, JESUS answered, "My most beloved Mother, it's My Will that all assist at thy glorious departure for the eternal mansions, so that You & they may be consoled." In order that from His Sacred Body after death, He'd spring up His Church, JESUS permitted His All-Starry Sacred Heart to be lanced [omniscient too, per His Divine Mercy, that St. Longinus would be healed/repent/& martyred in Constantinople].  Since Eternal ABBA Father was perfectly pleased with the Life, Passion, & Death of His only generated Son YESHUA, our only Redeemer instituted in His Church the Holy Sacrifice of His Body & Blood [5th Luminous Mystery of JESUS, Light of the World -- & of the New World to come].
JESUS sent the H.S. upon His Holy Church to fill it with His holy gifts & eternal wisdom and to enrich it thereby with all the merits of His Life, Passion, & Death: applying them via the Sacraments. In the Church militant He communicates familiarly with all the holy souls, works wonders & miracles for them & hears their prayers, thus maintaining the communion of saints [Creed comment].  Jesus placed the pope over the Church as head of His Mystical Body. Jesus left the BVM after His Ascension for the church to be helped by Her merits & presence as both Mother & Madonna. Mary said, "Look upon my freedom & detachment from all earthly things so that you may enter into Heaven per the open gates of JESUS's infinite Divine Mercy & Clemency [....] The Ark of the Covenant was to be placed in the temple of the Celestial Jerusalem [my 4th Unitive Mystery - the New & Eternal Jerusalem]. The Apostle Paul came to Queen Mary Who showed him the same reverence She gave to others like him; and he saluted Her as Mater Dei & Queen, and as Servantress of all creation. St. Peter said, "The Most High GOD wishes to raise You up now to Heaven, Mother Mary & Consolatrix, Protectress of us all: His Divine Decree is that we all be present at Your Assumption." He spoke no further due to great tears & sighs then & there. JESUS told them "Seek the presence of Our Mother & Lady. Pass Her last times with Her in Her company for Her blessings, too." They all went to the Oratory & saw Her full of the Light of our Heavenly Christ, surrounded by so many angels, too, and as Her guards. Mary was kneeling at great length then in prayer to Our Lord; & it was righteous for Her to be seated as their Queen & Seat of Wisdom.  St. John the Evangelist said to Her, "Bless me so that I too may enter into the Beatific Vision with You & per GOD Who created me." Mary also shared, "I now go to the eternal mansions, & I'll behold you all as my Son's chosen friends, willing the Beatific Vision [BV like to BVM] for you all since as Mother of the Church I so love It, too." When finishing speaking, the Apostles wept there as She was too, & JESUS descended from Heaven on a throne of ineffable glory with all the saints & innumerable holy angels, with Mary adoring Him & He told Our Heavenly Queen, "My dearest Mother, the hour is come for You to enter into the glory of My Father to be on the throne prepared for You at my Right Hand & be ever in eternal joy thereby.
[Mystically Rosey --] A Divine Fragrance then also spread about & even penetrating the street with JESUS ordaining that multitudes of those in Jerusalem arrive over to there as witnesses to this new fragrant miracle.  When dying full of love, Mary cited JESUS's Last Words on the Cross, "ABBA, into Thy Hands I commend My Spirit." Of course, the holy ones joined King JESUS & Queen MARY into Heaven while Mary was ever shining with bright light & breathing forth a perfectly holy fragrance. Thousands of holy angels stayed watching over Her all-precious Virginal Body.  After She died right at 3PM on Friday - as JESUS did - yet at about 70 years of age on August 13; it's also known that She was 15 at the Birth of Her Son, thus being 48 years old when JESUS went through His Passion & Death.  Thanks ever & always to Mary, also since when She died many sick ones were miraculously healed by Her & many souls released too from purgatory [....] Mary added, "The Lord offered to Me the Beatific Vision even if I'd not preferred to die Almighty God willed it for me to enter There as I'm Immaculate & thereby without death as consequence to sin [....] All those devoted to Me shall be of My Special Protection at the hour of their deaths as their Helpress & Proctectress & shall be presented by Me before the tribunal of Divine Mercy JESUS: also any or all who venerate the mystery of my precious death can invoke my aid: too as Omnipotent GOD granted such miracles for Me & for mortals" [....] The most amiable & loving sharings of our Great Queen Mary ravished their good hearts. The holy Apostles also met for the burial of our Perfectly Holy Queen & Lady MARY.  As with JESUS's Body, precious ointments & spices were wrapped in Mary's sacred burial cloths.  Apostles Peter & John sensed the sacred smell & angelic music in that oratory with those angels chanting, "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is [ever] with Thee."  Many candles miraculously lit up at Mary's bier & the Lord Himself inspired all there in Jerusalem to be at Her Burial. Not only legions of angels yet also Patriarchs & Prophets were there together with these saints: Joachim & Anne, Elizabeth & John the Baptist, & many more sent by Our Savior JESUS to assist Mary at that time unto Her Burial too & as our Most Blessed Mother... many miracles happened then: mainly of conversions as the treasures of Divine Mercy were opened.  [Mystically Rosey --] Many were astonished at the fragrance & sweet music then & some struck their breasts in sorrow, of course, too.  So many angels guarded Her Body, & the exquisite fragrance of Her Sacred Body exhumed for many years, even too at the Cenacle with many miracles continuing in Jerusalem, with Apostles catechizing & baptizing new converts [....] Of the glory & felicity of the saints in the Beatific Vision -- St. Augustine knew how indescribably great are even the least joys up there in that Vision.
Among the saints, Mary is more like to Her Son than the others. Our Redeemer JESUS entered Heaven again taking MARY to His Right Side & to judge with Him our Perfect Judge all creatures.  She was the brightest Aurora, effulgent with the rays of the Divinity beyond even the brightest of the hierarchy of angels -- Seraphim [there's even a Eucharist great monk St. Seraphim 1759-1853 - a visionary of Mary]. JESUS said of MARY that She is the one who was born as a ROSE among thorns, pure & beautiful, worthy of being embraced by our Triune GOD & enthroned; too "She was as like to Me as is possible for a creature to be & as like to Me in glory of My Divine Majesty." The all holy soul of Mary was placed next to Jesus with Our Triune GOD forever as the most exalted & supereminent Queen & Lady & Empress surpassing all the saints in glory with Her likeness to JESUS CHRIST so greatly! Her purest soul entered Her virginal body and with gifts of purity, impassibility, agility & subtlety.  Endowed with these gifts She easily was assumed into Heaven & was given by JESUS a glory & majesty like to His own. When She entered Heaven the saints & angels beheld and blessed Her with new jubilee & praise: chanting that She's more beautiful than the moon & elect as the Sun of Justice [on the full moon, as the Full of Grace, She can be seen nourishing the Baby Jesus, too, & with Trinitarian 3 Stars on Her Crown upon Her Head].
ABBA GOD said to IMMA MARY, "Ascend higher, My Daughter & My Dove." The Other Triune Persons also accentuated upon Her eternal joys.

Fr. Ed, Mexico, SOLT, but MRMS too in spirit!
Have a Blessed & Holy June month of the Body of Christ!]]>
<![CDATA[Month of The Divinity of Christ´╗┐]]>Mon, 05 Sep 2016 02:07:47 GMThttp://rosamystica13.com/rosa-mystica-meditations/month-of-the-divinity-of-christ8135319More on July - Month of the Divinity of Christ (as I call it).
More from Ven. Mary of Agreda's Mystical City of God...

"GOD showed to Moses the Mystical thornbush that foreshadowed the Divinity covered with our humanity: signifying the perpetual virginity of the Mother of the Word. The ancient Fathers & Prophets were inflamed with Divine Love and broke forth in canticles of praise & exaltation of the Lord.... It was Divinely disposed that Joachim & Anna united in marriage for Mary which was also announced to them both by St. Gabriel the Archangel: "Joachim, it is the will of the Almighty that you receive St. Anne as thy spouse" -- in joint obedience to this Divine Call they espoused each other. By divine inspiration Joachim was in the temple of Jerusalem offering Prayers [white rose] & Sacrifices [red rose] for the coming of the Messiah. The petitions of Mary's holy parents reached the throne of the Holy Trinity Who shared having before Their Eyes Mary as the Chosen One for the Godman JESUS to be born, etc.  "We Persons shall manifest to the world the Treasures of the Divinity & of Anne conceiving of MARY." St. Gabriel shared to them, "Love has softened the Heart of the Almighty, has hastened His mercies & wishes to enrichen your house & family with a Daughter: altho Anne is sterile, her conception shall be miraculous." St. Anne declared of Mary, her Daughter, "Blessed the eyes that shall see Her, the ears that shall hear Her, from Whom the Most High shall select His Mother! O Lord, fulfill Thy Divine Benevolence!" Then Gabriel appeared to St. Anne, saying: "Anne, I'm an angel who in Divine Condescension looks upon the humble of the earth [Ps. 137, 6]." He added to both of them, "The Lord wishes to magnify Himself in conceding your petitions: for those who in humble confidence pray to Him without belittling His infinite power, are most agreeable to the Lord. Persevere in Prayer, & ask without ceasing for the Redemption of the human race in order to please the Most High [....]" Later -- "At the Golden Gate, you Anne shall meet Joachim, & in thy womb God will give being to Mary." Together they gave thanks to God, for Mary's Immaculate Conception, and full of Divine Consolation they returned home. Anne was instructed how the Divine Word was to unite Himself to our human nature.  By enlightenments & other Gifts of Divine Grace, God disposed Anne to conceive of her all holy Daughter MARY.  In the Divine Will, nothing is forgotten nor can impede Divine Decree of the Immaculate Conception of MARY."

Of my 1st of 5 Unitive Mysteries - The Woman [Mary, in Rev. 12] over the dragon... Ven. Mary of Agreda has "when the time came for Mary's Immaculate Conception also for Mary to later appear in the heavens clothed with the sun, God willed for Her to be formed inside of St. Anne Her Mom in His Divine Likeness & Image; and to be in God's Presence for all eternity to His Will & Pleasure.... On earth The Divine Word shall have a Mother with St. Joseph as foster-father, as in Heaven JESUS has a FATHER without any mother & as the Eternal Logos.... Among the first virtues MARY exercised were faith, hope, & charity recognizing by a most sublime faith the Divinity; per hope She saw GOD as the ONE for Her happiness. Conceiving great appreciation of the Divinity She greatly exercised charity. Her acts were had with the activity of Divine Power: Images were shown to Her of the Divinity so clearly.... Mary became the Benefactress of us & exercised Divine & Maternal Love in Her Immaculate Heavenly Heart with the Light of Divinity superior in Her Ways to all creatures angelic & human."

Ven. Agreda willed to raise her aspirations to know the Being of God & for His Divine Grace to govern her affections for greater love of His infinite perfections. [Of my 3rd Unitive Rosary Mystery --] "John saw a New Heaven & New Earth; & he spoke of Mary's creation by the Hand of the Almighty, referring to Mary's womb wherein JESUS dwelt as in a kind of New Heaven. [Of my 4th Unitive --] 'And I, John, saw the Holy City [the New & Eternal Jerusalem] descending per God from Heaven. Our Lady of Divine Grace came from the Heavenly Divine Mind to us by Divine Forethought with the great dignity of Mother of God so near to God the Father per Divine Grace.... Mary descends to the world per great gifts of the Divinity as the Spouse of The H.S. for Her Son.... God set Mary as Queen of Heaven above all people & angels, as a Mirror of Divinity, & as the Perfect Mediatrix of mortals.... Mary was so elevated in Heavenly Perfection as to be fit for the building up of the Heavenly Mystical City effulgent in a Divine Manner. She was favored with such Divinity that She ever is illumined with God's eternal splendor. She so greatly partakes of Divine Attributes & of God's infinite greatness: endowed with Divine Perfections interwoven in Her Whole Being. [Related to my Trinitarian-Marian Emmanuel Chaplet of Divine Grace, Mercy, & Love --] Mary distributes treasures of Mercy, Graces, & Love.  The Lord directed Her to pray with Great Love for the eternal life of all souls.

Nobody shall be deprived of the mediation of Our Queen of Mercy for the gifts, graces, and eternal glory of God: all pure Mary was so equal to Her Divine Son. The Mystical City of God is 'gold like the purest glass' [3rd Rose of Mary] as Mary is purest like to the Trinity. Our Queen of Peace [& of Medjugorje] ever enjoys a Heavenly serene peace also per Her ever Immaculate Being & visions of the Divinity from Her Conception & ever after. Via the Divine Attributes of Her She ever favored clear Mystical Envisioning of God & as the Ocean of God's graces & gifts, bright heavenly wisdom, etc.  God grants via Maria friendly fidelity to the Trinity. Flames of Divine Love offer gifts/fruits of the H.S. to us who implore such via Maria's All-Holy Person & Name [especially too per the Litany of Loreto in Her honor].... At the instant of Her Conception Mary asked God for the virtue of chastity & for Her lifetime on earth.... Via Maria the Infinite Mercy of God can increase per communion with Divinity. Mary is the special Mediatrix for us & Dispensatrix of the treasures of our Godman JESUS. Catholic leaders turn to the Mother of Grace/Mercy/Love. We should all turn to Mary Who by God's Omnipotence holds in Her Hands keys of the goodwill & treasures of the Most High.... Mary abounds in grace & is above all the Mother of Mercy.... 3 times before Mary's birth the Holy Trinity manifested Himself to Her. The visions of All-Holy Mary were the greatest of all the saints in their pilgrimage on earth. She said, "My GOD, Soul of my life & Life of my soul, Almighty & Rich in Mercies, Thou hast enriched me with the treasures of Thy Divine Light & Grace... Deprive me not of Thy Divine Protection." Thereby, Child Mary received God's many blessings.... The Queen of all creation was endowed with a soul exalted so high by the visions of the Divinity.... The BVM shared, "On account of the blessings and graces of the Lord sin was impossible in me -- it was the Divine Will that preserved me... love & fear produced in my soul a perfect harmony with the Divine Will... the excellence of benefits descend from the Father of lights... offer humble and fervent thanks to the Lord because He has so greatly enlightened you with Divine Light..." At midnight Divine Luminary issued forth -- Her soul ever dwelt in the Divinity.

St. Anne reflected, "Lord of infinite wisdom & power, this Fruit of my womb I offer to Thee with eternal thanks." The guardian angels of the Child Mary joined in heavenly music: these thousand angels appointed as guardians of the great Queen offered themselves by Her service.... The Child Mary asked Her guardian angels to join with Her in the praise of the Most High.  At the Birth of Mary God sent Gabriel to bring joyful news to the holy Fathers in limbo, and they'd soon see the salvation & glory of God per Mary's Motherhood.  All the holy Patriarchs & Prophets in limbo rejoiced in spirit thereby.... Borne by the hands of the angels the Child Mary entered the Empyrean Heaven where She prostrated Herself full of love before the royal throne in the presence of the Most High.... Mary's infant faculties were strengthened by Divine Power: Her powers of mind were raised to the Divine manifestation & Divinity displayed Itself in the new light & Mary saw the All-Holy Trinity in unveiled Beatific Vision [the favorite of my 35 Rosary Mysteries].... Angels appeared to St. Anne & told her that her daughter was to be named MARY chosen so to be named by Divine Providence.... At dawn Ven. Agreda prostrated herself before GOD & gave Him thanks & praise for His magnificent Being & Divinity.... The birthing of Mary, Anne's Heavenly Daughter, was pure & undefiled; and she went to the temple, her mind inflamed with Divine Ardor & bearing Mary in her arms; & the prophet St. Simeon aware of Mary's dignity experienced great H.S. gifted impulses about Her & his inflamed spirit was moved to extraordinary joy: moved by this, he showed the Holy Family great benevolence.... MARY was contemplating God's mysteries & excellencies, while enjoying Divine visions & talk with His Majesty.  Mary shared, "By Divine Enlightenment I understood how Jesus was to suffer a most cruel death.... I desire that you rejoice in the Lord always for His Majesty, & bless people for obedience to our Creator. If people persecute you, love & even regard them as instruments of Divine Justice; & God will give you strength for your faith in Him.... 70 seraphim assisting Queen Mary were devoted to the hypostatic union of Christ's Divinity & Humanity as the Divine Word; they wished to serve Mary as a most pure mirror of the Divinity. Guardian Angels of the 12 gates of heaven [in the Book of Revelations] cooperated with Mary, Mother of Mercy & Mediatrix of those who turn to Her for salvation... Mary sent those 12 angels as messengers of Her prayers to the throne of our Eternal Father.... Too, She often sent angels to Her Divine Son with many messages & petitions on behalf of souls.... The Baby Mary's actions all were governed by the H.S., and perfect.  The Presence of God preserved in Mary Divine Revelations & Intellectual Visions.  Mary retained Her images of Her clear visions of the Divinity... Yet shared with the H.S., "Stay me up with flowers as I languish with love."

<![CDATA[Month of The Body of Christ]]>Thu, 02 Jun 2016 23:04:38 GMThttp://rosamystica13.com/rosa-mystica-meditations/month-of-the-body-of-christ3841288June - Eucharistic Month (as I call it) goes with the WHITE ROSE for the FATHER per the Lord's Prayer of "...give us this day our Daily BREAD [especially the Body of Christ]..." while July with the RED ROSE [the Blood of Christ] for the SON the Greatest Self-Sacrificer... while August with the YELLOW [-GOLD] ROSE [the Soul of Christ too] for the HOLY SPIRIT EnLIGHTener' [& soul grace-gifter too per penance]... & September with the GOLD [the Divinity of Christ] for the HOLY TRIUNE ALL-GLORIOUS GOD. 
For June to the tune of the hymn "I've got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart" we can have "I've got the Love of Our Eucharistic JESUS throughout my body, blood, heart, mind, soul & spirit especially throughout every day of the Daily Holy Mass, as He Jesus Christ so gifts us daily."
[Here from Blessed Anna Catharina Emmerick's Life of Christ...]

I have had a clear vision of Mary in her bridal dress. This gown was blue, embroidered with large Red, White, & Yellow ROSES & green leaves, something like the ancient vestments worn at Mass.
The little girl [Salome] partook of the grapes & the bread that Jesus had blessed. He told her that for the future she should no longer live according to the flesh, but that she should eat of the Bread of Life, the Word of God, should do penance, believe, pray, and perform works of mercy [sacrifice]. Too, Mary Cleophas was quite exhausted by fever. Then Jesus grasped her by the hand & told her that she should no longer be sick. He directed them to give her to eat.  He ordered to almost all of the sick whom He cured, and I heard that it bore some signification to the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Jesus also gave people some instructions on prayer.  They should, He said, pray in secret and not ostentatiously before others....

The ceremonies used by Noah [O.T.] when offering sacrifice reminded me of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. By prayer, sacrifice, and penance it [the Ark of the Covenant] appeared to grow larger. I saw Moses expose It - removed from the golden casket and veiled as the Blessed Sacrament is on Good Friday. I often saw the High Priest making use of It when he was alone in the Holy of Holies[....] The Superior at the time of St. Anne's [mother of BVM] grandparents was a Prophet named Archos. He had visions in the cave of Elijah, referring to the coming of the Messiah... he exhorted to sacrifice & penance. He prayed prostrate on the earth before the altar. I saw that he had a vision of a ROSE-TREE with 3 branches. The parents of the BVM did penance, lived in continence [sacrifice] and often went to do prayer.  They lived in continued prayer, sacrifice and [penance] mortification & continency [for 19+ years after birthing Mary, Who was Conceived Immaculately at the passage directly under the 'Golden Gate' in Jerusalem, where green and golden decorations sparkled in the rosy light that fell from above]. Of Mary's little cradle as a Baby the lower coverlet was red, the upper one white, & on them She laid [...] with tiny golden curls.  I saw Mary's Heart open & heavenly matter going into Her Heart like to the ostensorium in the tabernacle. With the entrance of this Sacrament into Mary's Heart I saw the Child all penetrated by glowing fervor.

[Later in life...] In Her left hand Mary carried a little garland of red and white roses made of silk, and in the right a beautiful candlestick covered with gold. [Later yet...]
The apostles Peter and John whenever they went to Palestine visited the Holy House of Nazareth and celebrated Mass in it [...] the back of that House had the fireplace as the altar of the Apostles [with half of that House miraculously transported to Loreto, which has the Crucifix that Mary had in Her 15 last years of life in Ephesus - many miracles took place before that Crucifix]. When the Archangel Gabriel left Mary after the Annunciation I saw down the path of light that led up to Heaven, showers of half-blown ROSES & tiny green leaves falling upon Mary.

I saw also the Prophet Isaiah & his prophecy of the Virgin, and from him to Mary, visions of the approach of the Most Blessed Sacrament [....] At Jesus's Birth -- I saw fountains gushing forth and swelling, flowers springing up in many places, trees and plants budding with new life. [Of some shepherds in the evening at the Cave of the Nativity in Bethlehem --] They sang most sweetly before the Crib: 'O Child, blooming as a Rose art Thou!'  Once Anne sent a beautiful little basket of fruit, with large newly-blown ROSES: the pink roses were paler than ours, almost flesh-colored, and there were some yellow, and some white.  Mary was very much pleased, and placed it - the basket - beside Her. [Then later on -- at the Presentation of the Baby Jesus in the Temple...] Mary shone like a ROSE! [Later on, with the Flight into Egypt...] I saw a very lovely miracle.  On either side of the road, sprouted up the Rose of Jericho ... at some future day the people of the country would gather these ROSES and sell them to travelers in exchange for BREAD.

Fr. Ed, Mexico, SOLT, but MRMS too in spirit!
Have a Blessed & Holy June month of the Body of Christ!
<![CDATA[VERY MYSTICALLY ROSEY RELATED DIVINE MERCY MESSAGES]]>Mon, 02 May 2016 01:32:04 GMThttp://rosamystica13.com/rosa-mystica-meditations/very-mystically-rosey-related-divine-mercy-messagesJesus told St. Faustina, “Your sincere love is as pleasing to My Heart as the fragrance of a rosebud at morningtide, before the sun has taken the dew from it.”
St. Faustina later wrote: ‘let me pour out my heart at Your Feet in a fragrant anointing of gratitude for the many blessings which You lavish upon me [….]’ Jesus had shared, “I need Sacrifice Lovingly accomplished […] exercising Mercy in spirit.” She adds, ‘I understand your words, Lord, and the magnitude of the Mercy that ought to shine in my soul.’ He replied, “Many souls are often worried because they do not have the material means with which to carry out an act of mercy. Yet spiritual mercy […] is much more meritorious [….] If a soul does not exercise mercy somehow or other, it will not obtain My Mercy on the day of judgment.” After the St. Faustina fed a poor man [revealed later like to Jesus] He told her that “your compassion […] pleased Me, and this is why I came down from My throne – to taste the fruits of your mercy [….] Know that it is your mission to win souls for Me by Prayer & Sacrifice, & by encouraging them to trust in My Mercy.”
She adds later, ‘O gentle virgin, fragrant rose, although there are many crosses on earth, no eye has seen, nor has it entered into the mind of man what awaits a virgin in Heaven [….] The Blessed Virgin, that Snow-White Lily, is first to praise the omnipotence of Your Mercy [….] It is not the angels, yet man who needs mercy.  To give worthy praise to the Lord’s mercy, we unite ourselves with Your Immaculate Mother.  Through Her, streams of grace flowed down upon us [quoted on EWTN for the Holy Rosary].
Your self-abasement [Jesus] is solely the work of Your Mercy & Your inconceivable Love. On leaving the earth, O Lord, You wanted to stay with us, & so You left Yourself in the Sacrament of the Altar, & You opened wide Your Mercy to us [this relates to my 3rd Prophetic Mystery – the Virgin & Emmanuel (God with us)].
Jesus also said to her, “Entrust yourself completely to My will saying, ‘Not as I want, yet according to Your will, O God, let it be done unto me [….] Such a soul fills Heaven with the fragrance of her/his virtue [….] Close to My Merciful Heart, you will meditate upon all the graces your heart has received, and a deep peace will accompany your soul […] and with great trust immerse yourself completely in My Mercy.” She replied [relating to my Emmanuel Chaplet, too, of Divine Grace, Mercy, & Love] – ‘O Eternal Love, You Who enkindle a new life within me, a life of Love & Mercy. Support me with Your Grace [….]’ Too – ‘As I was praying before the Blessed Sacrament and greeting the Five Wounds of Jesus, at each salutation I felt a torrent of Graces gushing into my soul, giving me a foretaste of Heaven and absolute confidence in God’s Mercy [….] I also understand that if God demands a sacrifice, He does not withhold His Grace, but gives it to the soul in abundance.  My Jesus, let my sacrifice burn before Your throne in all silence, yet with the full force of love, as I beg You to have Mercy on souls[….] O Merciful God, Who still allow me to live, give me strength that I may live a new life, the life of the spirit, over which death has no dominion [….] Love God because He is good and great is His Mercy!’ Jesus said, “My Mercy acts in souls through this work [referring to the Chaplet, Litany, & Novena of Divine Mercy].” Too, she wrote, ‘O Divine Spirit, Spirit of Love & of Mercy, You pour the balm of trust into my heart, Your Grace confirms my soul in good.’
Bl. Michael Sopocko just took off and Jesus complimented him to her and added, “through this work of mercy [Sopocko proclaiming it, etc.] more souls will come close to Me than otherwise would have […] thanks to this work of mercy he will be laboring till the end of the world [his intercession above, etc.].” She adds, Red-Rosey related: ‘Jesus-Host [having received the Eucharist then] I offer myself to the Heavenly Father as a sacrificial host, abandoning myself totally and completely to the most merciful and holy will of my God [….] I have placed all my trust in Your will which is, for me, love and mercy itself [….] He, Lord of unfathomable mercy, knows that I desire Him alone in all things, always and everywhere.’ The Lord added, “I have given you the opportunity to practice deeds of mercy which you will perform according to obedience [….] I am Love and Mercy Itself. There is no misery that could be a match for My Mercy, neither will misery exhaust It [….] The soul that trusts in My Mercy is most fortunate, because I Myself take care of it.” She adds, ‘The more God has pursued a soul with His Mercy, the more just will He be towards it.’ Jesus added, “Let them not fear to approach Me; they are most in need of My Mercy.” She adds, ‘Thank You, O Lord […] for imprinting Your divinity on my soul, the work of sheer merciful love [….] Thank You, O Lord, for Holy Confession – for that inexhaustible spring of great Mercy [….] O Omnipotent, ever-merciful God, Your compassion is never exhausted. I have complete trust in the mercy of the Lord [….] May the omnipotence of Your Mercy, O Lord, be glorified all over the world [….]
She adds, ‘O Jesus […] I draw from Your unfathomable Mercy everything that the soul and body could want.’ He added, “The greater the misery of a soul, the greater its right to My Mercy; [urge] all souls to trust in the unfathomable abyss of My Mercy, because I want to save them all. On the cross, the fountain of My Mercy was opened wide by the lance for all souls – no one have I excluded!” He adds, “From all My wounds, like from streams, Mercy flows for souls, yet the wound in My Heart is the fountain of unfathomable Mercy. From this fountain spring all graces for souls.” She adds what is the motto of Mystical Rose [“live love”] – ‘souls Living in Love […] are greatly enlightened [….] Jesus shared with me which souls to bring to me each day into His Heart [….] O Living Love, enable me to love You forever [….] Eternal Father, turn Your Merciful Gaze upon all mankind and especially upon poor sinners, all enfolded in the All Compassionate Heart of Jesus. For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, show us Your Mercy, that we may praise the omnipotence of Your Mercy forever and ever. Amen.’
Bl. Sopocko was a zealous apostle of The Divine Mercy […] his deep humility is very pleasing to God. I have been living under the virginal cloak of the Mother of God […] close to Her Immaculate Heart. I have come to love God intensely. This grace from God […] is why the Almighty has surrounded me with His special mercy. Jesus added, “I am prolonging the time of mercy for the sake of sinners[….] Your duty is not only to write about and proclaim My Mercy, but also to beg for this grace for them, so that they too may glorify My Mercy [….]
During Mass on the SHJ Feast, Jesus shared, “Apostle of My Mercy, proclaim to the whole world My unfathomable Mercy. Do not be discouraged by the difficulties you encounter in proclaiming My Mercy [...] for a great number of souls will profit from It [….] Souls that make an appeal to My Mercy delight Me. To such souls I grant even more graces than they ask for. Before I come as a Just Judge, I first open wide the door of My Mercy.” God is Love, Goodness, & Mercy [which goes with my Emmanuel Chaplet of Grace, Mercy, & Love]. Jesus adds, “Every soul, and especially every religious, should reflect My Mercy. My Heart overflows with Compassion & Mercy for all.”
She adds, ‘Eternal Love, Depth of Mercy, O Triune Holiness […] may our misery not hold back the torrents of Your Love, for indeed, there is no limit to Your Mercy.’ Regarding the 12 Station of the Cross, ‘Here I reflect on the omnipotence of God’s Mercy, which passed through the Heart of Jesus. [EWTN uses this prayer for the Chaplet -] You expired, Jesus, yet the source of life gushed froth for souls, and the ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world. O Fount of Life, unfathomable Divine Mercy, envelop the whole world and empty Yourself out upon us.’ Jesus added, “At 3 o’clock, implore My Mercy, especially for sinners [….] This is the hour of Great Mercy [….] In this hour I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of Me in virtue of My Passion.” She adds, ‘All the good that is in me is due to Holy Communion […] & Jesus added, “Oh if sinners knew My Mercy, they would not perish in such great numbers. Tell sinful souls not to be afraid to approach Me; speak to them of My Great Mercy [….] The prayer most pleasing to Me is prayer for the conversion of sinners [certainly also greatly implying the reversion of ex-Catholics/non-practicing ones].” She adds, ‘I felt a terrible thorn in my head [….] It seemed to me that the thorn had thrust itself into my brain. Yet all this is nothing; it is all for the sake of souls, to obtain God’s Mercy for them [….] How great is the Mercy of God contained in the Mystery of the Incarnation of the Son of God!’
Jesus adds, “You are to be My living reflection, through Love & Mercy [….] As for you, be always merciful toward other people, and especially toward sinners [….] My Heart is full of Love & Mercy. Tell souls where they are to look for solace; i.e., in the Tribunal of Mercy [the Sacrament of Reconciliation]. There the greatest miracles take place[…] & the miracle of Divine Mercy will be fully demonstrated [….] Oh how miserable are those who do not take advantage of the miracle of God’s Mercy! [He later adds --] Fight bravely[…] for the salvation of souls, exhorting them to trust in My Mercy, as that is your task in this life and in the life to come.” WOW, she added later – ‘My body was stretched on the wood of the Cross [during one of her nights of suffering]. O most gracious Lord, how merciful it is on Your part to judge each one according to his conscience and his discernment […] the vastness of Your Mercy becomes more and more manifest to me [….] After Holy Communion the Lord said to me: “your sufferings of this night obtained the grace of mercy for an immense number of souls.” She adds, ‘May the greatness of Your Mercy be praised here on earth and in eternity [….] Your boundless Compassion opened the salutary Fountains of Mercy [… that] runs through our life like a golden thread & maintains in good order the contact of our being with God.’
Since Jesus is the Light of the World, I call Him the greatest ‘ABBA-STAR,’ & want the ‘Solar System’ to be renamed the ‘Savior System’ (too, since the Germanic pagan god was called ‘sol,’ yet at least the Latin for ‘sol’ means sun; and Jesus in Latin is called ‘Sol Iustitiae’ – the Sun of Justice, with the full moon reflecting Mary the Full of Grace, too). The saint adds, ‘You shine like a star, O Jesus, protecting me from shipwreck. And though my miseries be great, I have great trust in the power of Your Mercy[….] Jesus hide me in Your Mercy, and shield me against everything that might terrify my soul.  Do not let my trust in Your Mercy be disappointed. Shield me with the omnipotence of Your Mercy, and judge me leniently as well [….] I don’t ask Lord that You take me down from the cross, yet I implore you to give me the strength to remain steadfast upon it [she died at His age of 33 years, too].’ Jesus added, “be willing to talk openly with your God of Mercy Who wants to speak words of pardon and lavish His Graces on you [….]
My holiness doesn’t prevent Me from being Merciful. Behold, for you I have established a throne of mercy on earth – the tabernacle – and from this throne I desire to enter into your heart [….] My Mercy is greater than your sins and those of the entire world [….] I let my Sacred [All-Starry, as I call It] Heart be pierced with a lance, thus opening wide the source of Mercy for you [….]” She replied, ‘In trust & humility I approach the Tribunal of Your Mercy, where You Yourself absolve me by the hand of Your representative. I feel overwhelmed by Your Mercy, O Lord [….] Increase Your Mercy toward me, for You see how weak I am.’ Jesus replied, “Look at the splendors of My Mercy & don’t fear the enemies of your salvation. Glorify My Mercy [….] Come and confide in your God, Who is Love & Mercy. My omnipotent Mercy is active here. Happy the soul that takes advantage of this Grace [….] You have a special claim on My Mercy. Let it act in your poor soul; let the rays of Grace enter your soul; they bring with them light, warmth, and life [….] Strive for meekness & humility; be merciful to others, as I am to you; […] if you come to the Fountain of Mercy to fortify your soul, you will not grow weary on your journey [….] I know you are aware of My goodness & Mercy. Talk to Me simply as a friend to a friend” [from me – Jesus is our All-Time Best Friend].
She adds, ‘may the fragrance of my love be wafted to the foot of Your throne [….] I salute You, Jesus, my soul, never-fading flower of humanity [relating to my Emmanuel Chaplet invoking Jesus not only as the ‘Lily of the Valley’ yet also as the ‘Golgothan Rose,’ which our SOLT founder Fr. Jim Flanagan favored, too…] O sweet, Rose-Red Blood of Jesus, ennoble my blood and change it into Your own Blood [….] Here is the tabernacle of Your Mercy: O living spring of mercy, all souls are drawn; some like deer, thirsting for Your Love [….] You opened an inexhaustible spring of Mercy for us, giving us Your dearest possession: the Blood & Water from Your Heart. Such is the omnipotence of Your Mercy.  From it all Grace flows to us.  Be adored, O God, in the work of Your Mercy [….] O my Jesus, have mercy, sorrowful was Your life on this earth. In the Blessed Sacrament, You left us Your Mercy […] I might never doubt of Your Goodness & Mercy [….] O unspeakable mercy of our Lord, source of compassion [….] O God, how generously Your Mercy is spread everywhere [….] I see on all sides the trace of Your Hand & the Soul of Your Mercy.  I call on the whole universe to glorify Your Mercy [….] We do not know the number of souls that is ours to save thru our prayers and sacrifices; thus, let us always pray for sinners [….] Jesus, You are Love itself. And so my soul covets You as a flower yearns for the sun. I open the calyx of my heart to receive Your Love [….] I threw myself down at His Feet like a rosebud.  I want the fragrance of my love to rise continually to the foot of Your throne.  You see, Jesus, in this rosebud, all my heart offered to You […] I will quickly seize, like rosebuds, to throw at the Feet of Jesus [her difficulties/sufferings].
<![CDATA[Month of Divine Mercy]]>Sat, 02 Apr 2016 04:12:56 GMThttp://rosamystica13.com/rosa-mystica-meditations/month-of-divine-mercy1An extraordinary jubilee ‘Holy Year of Mercy’ started on Dec. 8th last year.
The Pope quoted Luke 6:36 – “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.”
Dear friends of the Mystical Rose,

While we can have June as the Month of the Body of Christ, since Divine Mercy Jesus shared with St. Faustina that the Eucharist is His Great Gift of Mercy unto Eternal Life, this message on this Month of Divine Mercy will also share some on the Eucharist. Namely, just as holy angels never sinned and are creatures, they “rejoice whenever the rosary is recited” [in the state of grace]. Mary revealed that to my distant relative Blessed Alan de la Roche.  The Promises of the Rosary certainly have much mercy too. Angels rejoice also per the rosary, and this insight of mine explains why: although the Queen of Angels, Mary is a creature as they are too, yet the Mother of God, and never sinned either [as the unfallen angels never have].  Angels are gratefully amazed that a creature – MARY – became the Mother of GOD.  Too, angels are at Mass as the ‘Holy, Holy, Holy Lord’ prayer has it, and especially Eucharistic Prayer #1 – “In humble prayer we ask You, Almighty God: command that the gifts be borne by the hands of Your holy Angel to Your altar on high…” [continuing with] so that we who receive the Gifts of Christ via Holy Communion “may be filled with every grace and heavenly blessing….”
The PostCommunion Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas relates the 5th Luminous Mystery – of the Last Supper – to the “Ineffable Banquet” in Heaven.  Also, our Mystical Rose’s 3 roses/colors pertain: the White Rose to the Lord’s Prayer [‘… give us this day our Daily Bread…’ – mainly the Eucharist and as Daily as possible, too]; the Red Rose to the Sacrifice of the Mass; the Yellow-Gold Rose with ‘Yellow’ being prophetic of the Illuminative [Luminous] Mysteries, especially the 5th One of the Last Supper.
Maria, Rosa Mystica’s 3 Roses go with these 3 Titles of Christ, too [the 2nd One per the inspiration that the H.S. gave me, with the others being Biblical] – Lilium Convallium (the Lily of the Valley) with the White Rose; Rosa Golgothana (the Rose of Golgotha – Christ so Bloody on the Cross) with the Red Rose; Agnus Dei – Lucis Eternae (the Lamb of God, more than ‘Light of the World’ – the Lamb of Eternal Light of Glory).
Of mystics, Bl. Anna Catharina Emmerick wrote regarding the Last Supper and the BVM, “Jesus broke off a scrap from the first morsel and let it fall into the chalice, and at the same moment I saw, as it seemed to me, the Blessed Virgin receiving the Blessed Sacrament, although She was not present in the Caenaculum. It seemed to me that I saw Her enter at the door and come before the Lord to receive the Blessed Sacrament. I saw also that John after the Resurrection gave the Most Blessed Sacrament to the Blessed Virgin.” Maria Rosa Mystica surely emphasizes the great merciful gift of the Eucharist in Her messages to Pierina Gilli, and for guaranteeing our salvation by receiving the Host as daily as possible yet always in a state of grace, and as full of grace as is possible, especially too per Her Most Holy Rosary and more.
The great mystic Venerable Mary of Agreda wrote: “in the Cenacle most holy Mary in Her retreat was raised to highest contemplation, in which She witnessed all that passed as if She were present.” Too she adds that John the Apostle knew that Jesus felt even of Judas that “though he is my greatest enemy […] I have opened up to him the arms of My Mercy.” She added that Mary “who from Her retreat observed and followed Jesus, prostrated Herself upon the floor [….] She, as His Helpmate, united Her petitions with His, in order that by Her faithful companionship She might move the eternal Father to so much the greater mercy [….] The Virgin Mother, in Her retreat, prostrated Herself on the ground and adored Her Son in the Blessed Sacrament with incomparable reverence [….] The great high priest Christ raised up His own consecrated Body and Blood in order that all who were present at this first Mass might adore It in a special manner, as they also did. During this elevation His most pure Mother, St. John, Enoch and Elijah, were favored with an especial insight into the mystery of His Presence in the Sacred Species; how with the Person of the Word, was also united the Person of the Father and of the H.S.  All this was understood most profoundly by the Heavenly Lady Mary [….] While receiving His own Body and Blood Christ our Lord composed a canticle of praise to the eternal Father [….] He took another particle of the consecrated bread and handed it to the archangel Gabriel who brought and communicated It to the BV Mary.”
 Holy-Hearty-Happy April month of Divine Mercy!
<![CDATA[Month of St. Joseph]]>Wed, 02 Mar 2016 04:16:22 GMThttp://rosamystica13.com/rosa-mystica-meditations/month-of-st-joseph1 For this Month of St. Joseph, while there’s a good litany already to Mary, Mystical Rose, I have another one that I just developed. It’s with St. Joseph (for his chastity and more) and accentuates Mary also as ‘Mother of the Church’ which Franz Speckbacher doesn’t even have in his good one [provided below mine] even though Mater Ecclesiae goes with Her Medal and messages. This one of mine is a bit briefer and likely for more usage/recitation. Too, Franz has this expression that doesn’t redound very accurately, for Jesus is Omnipotent, etc.: Who for the triumph of Thy mercy and the salvation of souls hast granted to the Immaculate Virgin Mary boundless powers over the Heart of Jesus…
In my Litany, it has St. Joseph as the Model of being as sinless as possible as theologians hold that at the worst he only had a venial semi-deliberate sin.  Too, this phrase -- beyond the Purgative (white) & Luminative (red) Ways to the Unitive Way (yellow-gold) – has Purgative with white [for purity over common mortal sins] and Luminative with red [as Jesus shed blood for all sins and is the Light of the World] and Unitive for yellow-gold [as gold goes with glory, and especially the 5th Unitive Mystery (the Beatific Vision) with my Unitive Mysteries of the Rosary, besides too my Purgative Mysteries. [Although in English they’re ‘Luminous Mysteries’ on Thursdays, they can be equally called ‘Illuminative’ to go with the 3 Stages of Spiritual Growth per St. John of the Cross – from the Purgative to the Illuminative to the Unitive (rhyming this way, too).]  Pope Francis likely received my mailing to him for these new Rosary Mysteries and the Prophetic Mysteries, too.  I hope he approves of them, too, as they go with the other 20 Mysteries for a distinct set every day of the week, and setting them in chronological order with mine added, moving the Joyful to Wednesday [as Jesus wasn’t necessarily born on a Monday anyway] which goes great with St. Joseph as Wednesday is his Votive Mass day in the Church and the only Mysteries of all 5 with him in them.
One line of places adds the Polish Madonna to Montichiari (meaning Clear Mountains) as Jasna Gora, Poland means Clear Mountain, too. [Mary, Mystical Rose of Fontanelle, Montichiari, and Jasna Gora (Poland).] Of sacrificial crucified ones the St. Simon of Jerusalem was (1st cousin to Christ) crucified at 120 years of age and 43 years the Bishop of Jerusalem!!                                                                       The line on Mary, Mystical Rose, Queen of martyrs, has 3 Chinese martyrs (Rosa Zhao, Rosa Chen, Rosa Hui). Also, Pierina Gilli is in it as ‘holy’ since the greatest mystic in the USA yet alive is Jayne Garza, who on our clerical retreat in Fontanelle had a vision that she instantly shared with us: envisioning Pierina as a saint in glory.  I hope that Pierina will be canonized soon, too, and pray for such… to advance Mystical Rose devotion and especially too to the Most Holy Rosary, Rosary devotee as Gilli was and as our BVM motivated her to be so greatly. Blessed Pierina Morosini was a martyr to chastity and is in the Litany, too.
Fr. Uno Weslin is in it too since he was the greatest prolife priest in history: saving over 3,000 babies from abortion and with his wife (who died before he was ordained) having Mary Weslin Homes for Pregnant Unwed Mothers, which he expanded. His full name was Fr. Norman Uno Weslin yet to fit into the litany line and augment how he was the #1 favorite priest of many, including me [after, of course, JESUS the HIGHEST PRIEST], Fr. Uno Weslin is set into it.
Litany of Mary, Mystical Rose
ABBA Father, have mercy, and via the White Rose of the Lord’s Prayer to You.
Jesus Christ, have mercy, and via the Red Rose of Your Sacrifice, mainly on the Cross.
Holy Spirit, have mercy, and via the Yellow-Gold Rose of Your love for Penance.
Mary, Mystical Rose, Mother of God, of the Church and of Mankind as the New and Perfect Eve…  (Please) Pray for us, thanks.              
Mary, Mystical Rose, beyond the Purgative (white) & Illuminative (red) Ways to the Unitive Way (yellow-gold)     “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose for your call to Prayer, Sacrifice, and Penance                                                                                   “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose with Jesus Christ, St. Joseph and all holy families: too, your parents St.s Joachim and Anna    “            “              St. Joseph, Spouse of Mary and Model of perfect chastity, purity and cleanliness                                                          “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose for your call to modesty, chastity, purity and cleanliness                                                                “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose and Queen of the hierarchy of Angels, with Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel           “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Our Lady of seven sorrows yet all the more of everlasting joys                                                     “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Our Lady of holy tears with water or blood or oil                                                                             “            “      
Mary, Mystical Rose, Our Lady of Miracles, Intercessatrix, and Famous Healer (with ‘grace glitters,’ etc.)                “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose of Fontanelle, Montichiari, and Jasna Gora (Poland)                                                                        “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Co-Redemptrix, Protectress, and Religious Vocations Gifter                                                          “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose & 13 Apostles, including St. Matthias and St. Faustina Apostle of Divine Mercy                         “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Seat of Wisdom, St.s Catherine of Siena & St. Theresa of Avila, Doctors of the Church            “             “ 
Mary, Mystical Rose, St Thérèse of Lisieux the ‘Little Flower,’ St. Rose of Viterbo, Bl. Roseline & all holy mystics    “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, St. Joseph and all prayerful Greats                                                    “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Pious Promoter of Holy Masses, Holy Rosaries, and Holy Hours of Adoration                            “             “
Mary, Mystical Rose, St. Dominic, Blessed Alan de la Roche, and St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort
and all rosary devotees and promoters – St. Bernadette, St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta and more                            “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Jesus Christ, Apostle Kepha, St. Simon of Jerusalem, all crucified holy ones so sacrificial         “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, St. Maria Crocifissa di Rosa, St. Maria Crocifissa Satellico, Bl. Maria Crocifissa Curcio                “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Inspirer of faith, hope, and love via the Cross at Fontanelle, too                                                    “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Queen of martyred Virgins: St.s Faith, Hope, Charity (and their mother St. Sophia)                    “           “
Mary, Mystical Rose, for fidelity to all Commandments, theological and cardinal virtues, especially mercy, too        “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Queen of martyrs, Rosa Zhao, Rosa Chen, Rosa Hui and all martyrs of China                               “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Queen of martyred nuns: Blesseds Rosa Gallart, Rosa Bruchier, and Rosa Rull                            “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, St. Jerome, St. Bridget of Sweden, St. Jose Marie Escrivá and all holy penitential ones              “            “               
Mary, Mystical Rose, Queen of All Holy Angels, Saints, Patroness of Consecrated Life and
St. John Marie Vianney, St. Scholastica, St. John the Baptist -- patron saints for priest, nuns, and laity                         “           “
Mary, Mystical Rose, St. John the Evangelist, St. Margaret Maria Alacoque, St. Claude Colombiere and greatest friends of Christ (as they were, especially to your Sacred Heart, Jesus)                                                                                                             “           “
Mary, Mystical Rose, holy Pierina Gilli your visionary, Bl. Pierina Morosini any and all holy Pierinas                             “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, your papal devotees: St. John 23rd, Ven. Paul 6th, and St. John Paul II                                             “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, and more devotees: Bl. John Henry Newman, Servant of God Hoerst Mehring, Fr. Uno Weslin “           “
Mary, Mystical Rose, for reparation for sins against the Sacraments, Mother Church, and the sanctity of life             “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, & Americans: St. Rose of Lima, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, and Bl. Marie Rose Durocher      “           “
Mystically Rosey Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Juan Diego, St. Liz of Hungary, & Bl. Rosalina of France – of miraculous roses coming from a tilma and also from aprons                                                                                                                                  “            “
Mary, Mystical Rose, Pilgrimess per yours statues and their angels, mercies, and blessings                                             “           “
Mary, Mystical Rose, for an increase of vocations to the priesthood, sisterhood, and brotherhood                                “           “
Mary, Mystical Rose, of the ‘Hour of Grace’ for graces of conversion and sanctification                                                    “           “
Let us pray
Almighty Trinity, endless thanks and more to Thee for having Mary not only Immaculately Conceived yet ever Immaculate of Heart, Mind, Soul, Spirit and Whole Being – Her Body Temple so full of the H.S. too – we praise, thank, love, and adore Thee too for keeping St. Joseph inspired so much as to never ever deliberately sin as The Model for the rest of us all who were not immaculately conceived.  Even though we have the concupiscible  nature per Adam and Eve, St. Joseph did too yet so one with the New and Perfect Adam and Eve, Jesus and Mary, he not only proves how sinless we can be, yet he with the Holy Family can ever intercede for us to be as sinless as possible, as all is possible with You, All Holy Trinity, too [Lk 1:37]. Please help especially all of those of Consecrated Life to be as holy as You truly will.
Glory to St. Joseph, and to Our Lady Mary, Mystical Rose!
Fr. Ed, SOLT, yet MRMS too in spirit, and here at the Casa San José, Texas.

Have a Blessed & Holy March month of St. Joseph!
May Our Lady ever-flowering & overflowing with graces & blessings unfold in us The 3-Fold indwelling  Divinity  (of Her 3 'Roses') to  ever  spring, sing, & ring alive.
Amatissima       semper     esto   Maria Rosa Mystica!
Most Beloved      ever          be    Maria Rosa Mystica!
Litany of Maria Rosa Mystica  by Franz Speckbacher

Lord, have mercy on us,
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us, Christ, hear us,
Christ, graciously hear us.
God the Father in Heaven,
Have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the World,
Have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost,
Have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God,
Have mercy on us.
Holy Mary, pray for us
Mystical Rose, pray for us
Virgin Mother of Christ, pray for us
Spouse of the Holy Spirit, pray for us
Mother of Divine Grace, pray for us
Mother of Precious Life, pray for us
Mother of Lost Children, pray for us
Mother of Exiles, pray for us
Mother of Sweet Mercy, pray for us
Mother of Sorrow, pray for us
Mother of our Soul and Mind, pray for us
Mother of the Aging, pray for us
Mother of the Dying, pray for us
Virgin most chaste, pray for us
Virgin most humble, pray for us
Virgin most persevering, pray for us
Rose of the Heavenly Garden, pray for us
Fragrance of the Morning Sun, pray for us
Altar of Peace Offerings, pray for us
Crystal of Light, pray for us
Pearl of the Sea, pray for us
Shield of Courage, pray for us
Gate of the Enclosed Yard, pray for us
Glass of Time, pray for us
Flame of Clinging Love, pray for us
Wind of Gentleness, pray for us
Fountain of Divine Grace, pray for us
Blessed Vessel of Love, pray for us
Blessed Mother of Christ, pray for us
Lake of Inner Joy, pray for us
Mountain of Steadfastness, pray for us
Thunder of Resolution, pray for us
Depth of Commitment, pray for us
Guidepost of Eternity, pray for us
Queen of Angels, pray for us
Queen of Flowers, pray for us
Queen of Arts, pray for us
Queen of the Holy Church, pray for us
Queen of the Holy Eucharist, pray for us
Queen of the Immaculate Heart, pray for us
Queen of the Word, pray for us
Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, Immaculate from Thy creation, pierced with pain, kindled with love, pray for our clergy and all the religious, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priest sand religious who are walking on the wrong path, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priest and religious who do not show any more the necessary respect that is due God, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious who do not possess any more courage to profess their faith, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious who show no respect for the Most Holy Eucharist, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious who have succumbed to the allurements of a deceitful world, and do not seek God any more, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pierced with pain, kindled with love, pray for all those priests and religious who have given up the Holy Sacrament of Confession, and tolerate sinful deeds, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious who have no more love for you and thus have become cold in heart so quickly, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious who do not obey the Holy Father any longer, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious who are walking on wrong paths and corrupt the mind of the people, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priest and religious who have left the Church, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priest and religious for the sake of your Immaculate Heart, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious for the sake of your tears, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious for the sake of your Son who, on the Cross, gave you His priests as your sons, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious for the sake of your motherhood, which embraces all the people on earth, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious for the sake of your humility as a handmaid of God by which you shine as an example to all the servants of Jesus Christ, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious for the sake of the swords in your heart, which is also pierced by the sword of sorrow which you are suffering for priests and religious, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious for the sake of your loneliness and desolation, which you pore in total obedience, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious for the sake of your invincible power of intercession for us, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious for the sake of you being the all powerful Mediatrix of all graces, Save them.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosa Mystica, pray for all those priests and religious for the sake of your sorrows and your tears of blood, Save them.
Let us pray,
O Almighty and merciful God, Who for the triumph of Thy mercy and the salvation of souls hast granted to the Immaculate Virgin Mary boundless powers over the Heart of Jesus, grant, we beseech Thee that by Her prayers and intercession we may avoid the contagion of sin and serve Thee with a pure heart, and that we may live and die in Thy holy love.
O Lord Jesus Christ, our Mediator with he Father, Who hast deigned to appoint the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mystical Rose, Thy Mother and the Mother of Thy Church, to be our Mediatrix with Thee, graciously grant that whosoever goes to Thee in quest of blessings may be gladdened by obtaining them all through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thou Who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen.
O Mother, you are leading the way for us in your love for your Son, Jesus Christ. Together with you, let us help the afflicted religious but especially our priests. They have the most sacred power and authority to transform wine and bread into the Body of Your Son; they are the intermediaries between God and us; they bear the great responsibility for our souls. But we are also responsible for the Holy Church to produce holy priests. Help us through Your Immaculate Heart, O sorrowful Mother, who is burning with love for us. Amen.
Maria, Rosa Mystica, our soul becomes joyful as we behold this flower; these green leaves are a sign of our eternal youth;
Maria, Rosa Mystica, Mother of the Infant Christ, Our Lord, and all the souls entrusted to Your maternal care; pierce our flesh in sorrow by Your thorns. On this wood repair us and the world for scores of dubious wrongs. Amen.

<![CDATA[Month of the Holy Church]]>Mon, 01 Feb 2016 03:14:56 GMThttp://rosamystica13.com/rosa-mystica-meditations/month-of-the-holy-church1[This February Meditation will be about the longest since in honor too of Mary’s words as Mystical Rose about the Church, She will be quoted herein with all of Her expressions using the word ‘Church,’ for this Month of the Holy Church….] Mary, Mystical Rose’s motto of “Live love” absolutely meant “Live [GODLY] Love” as She ever did and ever does, too… wanting us to do the very same! GODLY Love especially imitates JESUS The WORD [LOGOS] made flesh yet ever Living the Divine Spirit over just the flesh and for us to have His Everlasting Life: especially too via Eucharistic LIFEstyle, every teaching and word He bestowed and bestows yet upon us. Death came to man via Adam & Eve not following the Word of God about that Tree: Relatedly, “Go and sin no more” as Jesus told Mary Magdalene greatly helped her to become a missionary holy lady into France via Christ’s Death and Resurrection and holy words to her. The greatest Catholic TV broadcast – ETWN – stands for Eternal Word Network. Holy Mother Church is, of course, the only Church on earth with papal infallibility. Church Documents via the Vatican have the authority of Jesus the Word as Christ told St. Peter, sending too the Holy Spirit to indoctrinate the Church especially via the Vatican.  Yet, too, of course, we want to live out what Mary, Mystical Rose, expressed via Pierina Gilli – and for her canonization since the great US mystic Jayne Garza [foundress of the group Mother of Compassion and Love] saw Pierina glorified in a vision Jayne had with us priests on a Mystical Rose pilgrimage in Montichiari & Fontanelle, ITALY.  As even a few popes have been seen respectfully honoring Mystical Rose, we can pray for Pope Francis to get the Brescian bishop to approve of Pierina Gilli’s revelations from Mystical Rose Mary, or even to overtake that bishop if he, Luciano Monari, won’t ever overtake soon the former anti-Gilli-ish bishops [for even retired and living Brescian bishop Giulio Sanguineti heard me and could hardly even believe that Mary, Mystical Rose, called me to my priestly vocation.]   Any and all popes who prayed the Litany of Loreto surely honored Mary’s Title ‘Rosa Mystica.’

In this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, proclaimed by Pope Francis, I hope especially that as many people worldwide as possible will live the Sacramental LIFEstyle – JESUS Our LIFE. The 3 Roses of Mary, Mystical Rose, can also go greatly with the sacrament of the Eucharist, and for our everlasting life in CHRIST Our LIFE. The White Rose for the usually white Host, the Body of Christ; the Red Rose with the Blood of Christ; and the Yellow-Gold Rose with the Soul and Divinity of Christ – all with The Host, too, yet the Chalice to augment it the more [as the Angelic Doctor St. Thomas Aquinas explained, too, and other saints]. The litany to the Eucharist by St. Faustina – the only female “Apostle” as our Godman Jesus called her (of Divine Mercy) – is good to recommend in this Month of The Holy Church, too.
[Mystical Rose words via Gilli on Mother Church --] “I wish you (Gilli) to tell the faithful they have first to go to the Church and adore my Divine Son Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar… I desire this [in the Church there] to be a place of prayer where you shall invite people to pray the Rosary.  It is a prayer very pleasing to the Lord… In Montichiari I gave my whole love… [Of Her Medal --] It is my wish that a medal have the inscription on the front: ‘Rosa Mystica’ and on the reverse ‘Mary, Mother of the Church. I have intervened to spread this medal, the present of universal [Catholic Church, too] love. [Too --] Fontanelle will be transformed into a lighthouse [as of the Church there] of prayer… I am the Immaculate Conception – the Mother of our Lord Jesus – the Mother of Grace – the Mother of the Mystical Body, the Church [as to why She was sent to Montichiari into the middle of the Church]… That meant an invitation to all children of the Church [many kids were there then, too] to prayer, sacrifice, and penance. If people listen to this invitation, the graces of the Lord and His unending mercy towards the Church will let the ‘Rosa Mystica’ blossom again… The most obvious miracle will be the return to the true faith, to the true love of the Lord. Then will follow the reunion in faith of the different churches and peace for the whole world… It is my wish that the 13th of July of each year be celebrated in honor of the ‘Rosa Mystica’ [and as ‘Mother of the Church’]… [for the Hour of Pardon for the World, Dec. 8 Noon-1PM --] If anyone cannot visit the church, he should pray at home at mid-day. He will then receive the same grace through me…”

“If people pay heed to this invitation (of prayer, sacrifice, and penance) this will be the most evident miracle: (first in the Church itself) the return of the children of the true faith to the true love of God… Prayer is a condition willed by God, and the more insistently and the more often petitions were made, the more powerfully would she come with the holy angels.  [“I will come to the aid of the Church with a whole legion of angels to save it” (message from Mary to Fr. Louis Edward Cestac -- in Weigl’s Mystical Rose book)]… Tell my children that they will one day rejoice in Heaven when they see their offerings of love for the Holy Church shining gloriously there… I am Mary, the Mother of the Church, and for this Church, the Holy Father, priests and for all the children of the Church I beseech prayer so that the true love of the Lord may return to the hearts of all, and true genuine love of neighbor… Jesus desires that in Fontanelle a church should be built. With the five round arches, naves and cupolas, it is meant to signify that He’d like to enfold all five continents in His arms [I’d love the layout of the 5 Missionary Rosary colors to design it, too]… Call particularly upon the protection of the holy Archangel Michael so that he may defend the Church against all threatening persecutions. For the Church never was in greater danger than now. From this little place [future Fontanelle watchtower], too, light will radiate…”

“The times are getting worse: the Church, too, is in great danger… I seek the prayers of the priests, too. For these loving sacrifices (atonements, etc. for sinners) will contribute to my return to the Church in a manner more splendid than ever… As you can observe for yourself, human pride has resulted in confusing those in the highest offices of the Church.  They wish to drive me, the Mother, out of the Holy Church and tear me from the children’s hearts. The love of my Divine Son Jesus Christ will send Light. And the honor due to this His Mother, too, as it always used to be in the Church. Now is the time for prayer, the hour for good example, the hour for sacrifice for loyalty and courageous effort. In mutual love go on working boldly together to implore peace and harmony in the Church.  Onward, dear children, go on praying zealously! Now is the time for courageous effort. Love the Church and the Pope… keep loyal to them by your good example, by a truly Christian life! Make sacrifices and cultivate the Christian virtues. Then, on this account, I will love you even more. Thus will come the triumph of the Church, and you yourselves will receive the glories of heaven.  I am the Mother of the Church. The Mother of Mankind!  Prayers will be said in front of these statues, and I am now specially present in the great city of my beloved son, Pope Paul VI [of Brescia], the Church’s father.  Indeed! I am Mary, the incarnate ‘Rosa Mystica,’ the Mother of the Church! [A huge Cross became visible --] This great cross is to be set up in the center of the square near the little chapel! Aboveall, my specially beloved children who now have to suffer so much and yet make a special stand for this place (Fontanelle), you will be rewarded by my special motherly love. The Lord has sent me again in order to assure you of our love.  This is aboveall a reward for your obedience to the ecclesiastical authorities!” Weigl’s book closes with mention of how happy various priests were in that “the Mother of God has favored us with Her tears and Her presence.”
Besides Sacraments, the Rosary, Holy Hours, etc. it’s good to pray the Angelus thrice daily; yet for Mystical Rose devotees here’s my Archangelus style since Gabriel wasn’t just an angel. The ellipses (…) are added since you know the rest of the prayer and to save space -----------

“The Archangel Gabriel of the Lord announced unto Mary, and She conceived of the Holy Spirit: [3 Mystically Rosey ways here in honor of Her 3 Roses especially of the Trinity. The 1st White Rose goes with the 1st Person of the Trinity, God the Father, the Lord’s Prayer to Him & Faith in the Rosary oft led by prayer to ABBA Father; the 2nd Red Rose goes with the 2nd Person for His Sacrifice on the Bloody Cross & Hope in Redemption per Christ; and the 3rd Yellow-Gold one to the H.S. with Mary too as Queen & Charity via the Fire of the H.S.’s Love:] 1) Hail Mary, full of grace… Holy Mary, Mother of God and All-Beautiful Daughter of the Father…. 2) Fear not Mary, full of mercy… Holy Mary, Virgin-Mother-Queen of God the Son, King of kings & Lord of lords… 3) Alleluia Mary, full of love… Holy Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit and thereby Mother of God… Pray for us, All-Holy Handmaiden, Lady, & Queen of our Triune God…. Pour forth we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace – mercy – and love [also in honor of my Emmanuel Chaplet of Divine Grace, Mercy, and Love] into our hearts, minds, souls, and spirits that we to whom the Incarnation of Christ Thy Son was made known by the message of the Archangel Gabriel…. 3 Glorias…. Eternal Rest grant…. Angels of God our Guardians dear to whom God’s love entrusts us here, ever and at all times be at our sides to light and guard and rule our ways.  [In Latin – ‘et luna mica mystice, ibi Maria Rosa Mystica in corde meo fragrantissime –] And the moon shining mystically (as Mary is seen with Baby Jesus on the full moon, too; the ‘Full of Grace’ reflecting the ‘Sun of Justice’ Jesus) there’s Mary, Mystical Rose, in my heart fragrantly.”

That ‘Archangelus’ Prayer of mine – including St. Gabriel’s name (the Angelus doesn’t) explicitly – goes very symbolically with Epiphany too.  How? Frankincense with Prayer, Myrrh with Sacrifice, and Gold with Penance [almsgiving, etc.].  My 2015 March meditation has my Mystical Rose Memorare to augment too Her other MRM Title of ‘Mother of the Church’ as She wanted on one side of Her Mystical Rose Medal, too.
Have a HEAVENLY (‘on earth as it is in Heaven’), HOLY, Hearty, Happy Month of The Holy Church, Fr. Ed, SOLT, yet MRMS too in spirit.

May Our Lady ever-flowering & overflowing with graces & blessings unfold in us The 3-Fold indwelling  Divinity  (of Her 3 'Roses') to  ever  spring, sing, & ring alive.

May Our Lady ever-flowering & overflowing with graces & blessings unfold in us The 3-Fold indwelling  Divinity  (of Her 3 'Roses') to  ever  spring, sing, & ring alive.

Amatissima       semper     esto   Maria Rosa Mystica!
Most Beloved      ever          be    Maria Rosa Mystica!

<![CDATA[Month of The Holy Name of Jesus Christ]]>Fri, 01 Jan 2016 05:40:40 GMThttp://rosamystica13.com/rosa-mystica-meditations/month-of-the-holy-name-of-jesus-christ1 On this month of the New Year, we will focus upon the ongoing Jubilee Year of Mercy.  This Year extends from December 8 2015 - Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception - to November 20, 2016, on Christ the King Solemnity.  In my Eucharistic book I have many knock/knock jokes, including one of Our Lady of Knock, Ireland.  Yet another has reference to Jesus in Matthew 7:7 [easily memorizable numbers, Brother Sobichen Matthew] – “… knock and the door will be opened to you” -- and other Biblical verses inviting us to knock that the door will be opened.  Pope Francis invited Cathedrals to have Holy Doors to open for this “Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy.”  Of course, one of the greatest ways of knocking for prayers/favors/etc. is with the greatest of all ‘proper names’ – Jesus Christ. Too, of ‘general names’ -- that of ABBA for God the Father is the greatest. In imitation of Christ, my lifetime motto in my book is: “All the Best for ABBA.” God the Father’s will is for us to invoke the name of His one divinely/eternally generated Son, the Logos, as Godman: JESUS CHRIST.  Yet too we have in Romans 8:15 how “Abba! Father!” is to be invoked, too, per the Holy Spirit.
“For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, ‘Abba! Father!’”  Of course, “Imma” for Mary is great since it is Aramaic as is “Abba” as, too, those two invocations mean “Mom” and Divine “Dad.”

Just a couple days ago – Dec. 18 – the Office of Readings for Advent has this: “There is no salvation in any other person or place: -- Nor is there any other NAME under Heaven given to men, by which we should be saved. His name shall be Wonder-counselor, God of strength, Father of future ages, Prince of peace” – as to Jesus Christ, of course.  Thus, too, in this month it’s great to the Litany of the Holy Name – found in the Raccolta [Book of indulgenced prayers] as well as in paper slips, booklets, etc.  It has an indulgence of 7 years.  Too, in this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy it has “Be merciful… spare us, O Jesus.  Be merciful… graciously hear us, O Jesus.” My favorite line in the litany is #11 of His Titles – “Jesus, Angel [Messenger] of great counsel… have mercy on us” -- since I was born on April 26, Our Lady of Good Counsel, tho the Certificate has April 25 [the physician missigned it due to alcohol, my parents were told] – the double Feast Dates of this Title of Mary [the only Marian double feast dates until St. John Paul II placed two to Our Lady of Tenderness in Russia for their conversion].

I like sometimes invoking “Jesus the Messiah’s” Holy Name in His language while on earth – in Aramaic – “Eashoa’ M’sheekha.” Yet what I was inspired to invent to go with Mystical Rose is this: “Golgothan Rose,” going most with the Red Rose She has for Sacrifice – Blood on the Cross and at Mass. Too, for this lengthy ‘Year of Consecrated Life’ (officially from Nov. 29, 2014 to Feb. 2, 2016) the 3 typical vows go with these Titles: “Jesus, father of the poor – Jesus, lover of chastity – Jesus, most obedient” and with “have mercy on us” for all 3, whereas almost half of the other Titles go with “deliver us, O Jesus.” 

Have a HEAVENLY (‘on earth as it is in Heaven’), HOLY, Hearty, Happy Month of The Holy Name of Jesus Christ,   Fr. Ed, SOLT, yet MRMS too in spirit.  

May Our Lady ever-flowering & overflowing with graces & blessings unfold in us The 3-Fold indwelling  Divinity  (of Her 3 'Roses') to  ever  spring, sing, & ring alive. Amatissima       semper     esto   Maria Rosa Mystica! Most Beloved      ever          be    Maria Rosa Mystica!

<![CDATA[Month of The Holy Family]]>Wed, 02 Dec 2015 02:32:38 GMThttp://rosamystica13.com/rosa-mystica-meditations/month-of-the-holy-family1 Let us pray in this Month of December especially for Divine Mercy in Families. December 8 starts the Jubilee Year of Mercy, it also has the Hour of Grace with the Mercy Psalm 50. In 1947 Mary, Mystical Rose said of Jesus: “I have interceded that He may be merciful once more” regarding religious, especially priests. Our Year of Consecrated Life is almost over. She also stated of Jesus back then: “I placed myself as a Mediatrix between Him and the human race, especially the specially consecrated souls.” Again on Mercy, “Our Lord, my Divine Son Jesus, will be abundantly merciful so long as good men go on praying for their fellow men.” In 1966, “First they are to give thanks to the Lord Who is so benignant and merciful, and Who gave so much love and grace to Montichiari.” In 1971 on Jesus, Mary added “He needs loyal and strong souls to prove to the world that my Divine Son Jesus Christ has sacrificed Himself to reveal His Heart of merciful love.” Too, She added that pilgrims “should first do penance and experience the mercy of the Lord.” Fr. Weigl wrote that Her red rose goes with Her as the Mother of Mercy. In 1974, when Mary appeared very joyful She referred to prayerful people who “continue to call down the mercy of the Lord.” Certainly the Divine Mercy Chaplet does such, and even my Emmanuel Chaplet of Divine Grace, Mercy, and Love. Section #949 in St. Faustina’s Diary of Divine Mercy has a Litany of Mercy and trust in It.

In 1975 Mary Mystical Rose added for materialists, “With the patience and mercy of the Lord, I am waiting for their return.” In 1976, She stated “I am always ready to offer petitions, and mercy will always triumph.” In 1979, Our Lady said, “The prayer of so many souls draws down mercy from my Divine Son and Lord, Jesus, onto the world and His mercy is full of love!” Then in 1982, She shared that “prayers and sacrifices of so many good children draw forth through my motherly love the mercy of my Almighty Son and of God!”            The 3 Roses can symbolize those of Consecrated Life, especially:

WHITE for religious Sisters, Brothers, Abbots, Abbesses, Hermits, Hermitesses and Recluses since White especially goes with Prayer, yet Chastity, too, Immaculate as Mary ever is. RED for the Priesthood since it goes with Sacrifice, especially that of the Holy Mass, and can go with Obedience, too, especially in how to celebrate the Eucharist. YELLOW-GOLD can go with Consecrated or Holy Laity since it goes with Penance, and can go with Poverty – not to seek to be money hoarders yet almsgivers as Laity also give tithes and/or more.  With Christmas coming up this month, I like too how the 3 Roses go with the Magi: frankincense with Prayer, myrhh with Sacrifice, and gold with Penance in the sense too of color connects with the 3 Roses.

Have a Heavenly, HOLY, Hearty, Happy, Healthy Month of The Holy Family, as annually as possible!
Fr. Ed, Mexico, SOLT, yet MRMS too in spirit.

May Our Lady ever-flowering & overflowing with graces & blessings unfold in us The 3-Fold indwelling  Divinity  (of Her 3 'Roses') to  ever  spring, sing, & ring alive.

Amatissima       semper     esto   Maria Rosa Mystica!

Most Beloved      ever          be    Maria Rosa Mystica!

<![CDATA[Month of the Holiness of Christ]]>Mon, 02 Nov 2015 03:45:08 GMThttp://rosamystica13.com/rosa-mystica-meditations/month-of-the-holiness-of-christ November is the Month of the Holiness of Christ – and as displayed by His Angels and Saints per The Life of Christ within and with many fruits without [known by Mother Church].  Preceded by HallowsSseen on Vespers, Oct. 31, the whole first day of November 1 is in honor of All Saints.  Near the end of my Emmanuel Chaplet I have this: Jesus, Lily of the Valley and Golgothan Rose, Mary Mystical Rose, and St. Joseph Branch of the Lily [which showed that he’d become Mary’s Most Chaste Spouse]. Relatedly, in that Chaplet I have 3 male and female mystics invoked: Saints Bernard, John of the Cross, & Paul of the Cross.  Too, St. Bridget, Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerick, and Ven. Mary of Agreda.

Among the greatest of Saints are Doctors of the Church since they manifested often the greatest gift of the Holy Spirit: holy wisdom. Among the many male Doctors, there are now 4 female ones: St. Catherine of Siena, St. Theresa of Avila, recently the Little Flower (St. Therese of Lisieux) and just a couple years ago St. Hildegard Von Bingen of Germany. It’s great to pray the Litany of Saints during November and it’s found in various books or booklets, too. While the Virgin Mary is Queen of Apostles, and St. Margaret Mary of Alacoque a kind of great apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the only gal God literally told is an Apostle is St. Faustina, the Apostle of Divine Mercy – God’s greatest attribute to us, as revealed to her by Jesus.  Also, the Saint of Alacoque learned of Sacred Heart devotion via St. Claude Colombiere, the only saint Jesus called “My faithful servant & PERFECT FRIEND.”

In a way, there were 12 Apostles in France who all had for their first name Marie.  All of them were martyred by the guillotine there in the French Revolution, which makes them very much like the Apostles (the majority of whom were martyred)…. I have a hymn that God inspired me with in honor of a saint who saw many angels.  Here it is, and I sang it in a farming city on a mission appeal once, as well as in Spanish in Mexico (the priests there loved it): “Saint Isidore of Seville had a farm, he plied his halo.  And on his farm he saw some wings, he plied his halo: with an angel here and an angel there, here a bird there a bird, everywhere a-winging. Holy Isidore had a farm, he plied his halo.” Nebraskans smiled and laughed since it goes to the Old McDonald melody too. While certainly our patronal name saints greatly matter, another Isidore does for me: Blessed Isidore Bakanja of Africa, a catechist whipped to death per a slave-owner.  He died with the Brown Scapular on and a Rosary in his hand; and he showed me that God finally had a martyr of those sacramentals, and especially the only one by name who died because of spreading the Brown Scapular. That matters much to me since in the early 1990s in Rome there hadn’t been such a Scapular martyr by name in Church history, and I wondered if I could become one since I was turning 33, the age that Jesus died.  Just before turning 33 I discovered Isidore in a bookstore as he was about to be beatified, too.

My Emmanuel Chaplet is called also the Chaplet of Divine Grace, Mercy, and Love: for it has a Litany of Love invoking many triplets of kinds of saints to close the Chaplet with such a Communion of Saints.

It’s good to have added more kinds to it privately, too. Amen, I daily add invocation of the nearly 33 Holy Johns who were martyred in Western Europe in about the same century. Too, it’s a blessing to add many other saints that can be learned of nearly daily on the SQPN.com Daily Calendar of Saints by a Mr. Terry Jones, who may get canonized in the future for promoting such wonders of the saints daily: categories to each one, many patronages they have, portraits or even photos of them, etc.